“Stone Cold” Shark Boy?

 OK, so when your gimmick is that your half man half shark i guess your character is pretty unique to start with, to say the least. I kinda liked the Shark Boy character, it was fun and entertaining. However Shark Boy isn’t that fun loving, cartoon like character anymore. Instead he resembles a famous beer drinking, ass whooping, Texas rattlesnake better known as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

    Id read previously that the Shark boy character was getting revamped and this made me curious. I mean how can you add depth to a character that portrays himself as being half shark? Well when watching iMPACT about a week ago i couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw Shark Boy wake from his coma and utter the words “The next time you stick that thermometer up my ass, there’s gonna be hell to pay you son of bitch! And that’s the bottom line, coz Shark boy said so!” So what does this mean for Shark Boy? A push maybe? It seemed to work for Jay Lethal, seemed to work pretty well actually seeing as he was the X division champion. However i cant see this one working. Jay lethal didn’t really have a gimmick to start with and i think he pulls off the Macho Man Style quite well. Shark Boy on the other hand is a gimmick, and a strange on at that. Now not only does he have his Shark Boy gimmick but hes got the “Stone Cold” thing going on as well. Its a very odd combination and something i feel will be entertaining for a while, and then get tedious.

I believe TNA shouldn’t have to use other peoples persona’s to elevate their talent. Jay Lethal i didn’t mind to be honest, it was a one off and i mean it wouldn’t exactly be the first time its happened, but now with this I’m hoping a pattern isn’t occurring. I mean whats next? “Do you smell what the Guru is cooking?” or “Whatcha gonna do brother!? When Peteymania runs wild on you!”

Only time will tell on this one, and like i said I’m hoping this isn’t going to a template for the entire X division. These guys don’t need silly gimmicks to show how good they are. They prove it week in week out with their talent alone. Never know this phase might die out, or are we in for a one hell of a gimmick overdose. I for one, hope not.



One Response to “Stone Cold” Shark Boy?

  1. Sam says:

    niiiiiiiiiice xD

    you lot are good at blog writing!

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